Adult Toys

Short Guide To Navigating The World Of Adult Toys

Adult toys are used by millions – billions – of people across the world to enhance sexual pleasure derived from fooling around with others… and fooling around with themselves – we’re all guilty!

If you’ve not navigated your love boat to the world of adult toys, it’s never too late to start. Adult toys are produced in all shapes and sizes, and for every purpose imaginable.

Let’s delve into the most rudimentary categories of adult toys, their functions, defining characteristics, and subsets of each type.

Penis rings

Typically called “cock rings,” these toys are typically crafted from rubber, although steel is a common ingredient, as well. The primary purpose of these adult toys is to help men achieve harder erections for periods longer than normal.

Cock rings may also include vibrators, typically worn to increase the recipient’s pleasure.

Any type of cock ring shouldn’t contribute to an erection lasting longer than four hours. Also, even though some people will invariably wear steel rings over their stretchable counterparts, safe choices should always have a safety release mechanism, or at least be stretchy enough to pull off in event of emergency.

Penis sleeves

Sleeves and rings are the two main types of Sex Toys at Joujou intended to be worn on the outside of male members. Penis sleeves are anywhere from two inches to two feet in length, and typically crafted from rubber or another soft material. These toys often include bumps, recessions, and patterns designed to increase pleasure derived.

Penis sleeves are typically used in masturbation, although partners can wank their friends-with-benefits off, as well. Participants will always find it necessary to apply hefty helpings of lubrication throughout play sessions. These toys should also be cleaned immediately after use, as oodles of internal and external fluids will coat them, come play time’s end.
Coco de Mer Emmeline Pleasure Wand

Also called “f*** machines,” pulsators are large pieces of electronically-aided equipment that emulate the dominant’s role in intercourse. Pulsators often have wireless control centers that allow users to adjust speed, thrust power, and motion throughout sexy time, without being forced to stand up and kill their mood.

Pulsators feature a dildo or other phallic object at one end, the machine’s bulky mechanism, and a sturdy rod in between. These adult toys are typically used by performers, although anybody can purchase them – given they have the multi-hundred-dollar purchase tag to acquire one.


Likely the most common toy that pops to mind when one thinks of adult toys, Joujou Dildos are shaped as phalli – penises – and intended to replicate the feeling of intercourse with men. They’re typically crafted from glass or hard rubber, though dildos can also be found in wood, steel, or glass.

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