The Best Sex Toys

How to Choose the Best Sex Toys for Your Sexy-Time Sessions

Cellular life undergoes mitosis, splitting apart to form new organisms. Plants rely on wind, bugs, birds, and other lifeforms to spread pollen from male plants to female plants. Hydras reproduce on their own, with new growth budding off from adult hydras, forming new, young lifeforms. Animals, on the other hand, reproduce in their own, unique way: sexual reproduction. Despite all animals — dolphins, humans, whales, and monkeys, for example — reproducing through sexual intercourse, very few engage in sexual activity for pleasure.

OK, enough of the monkey business! We all — well, most of us, at least — love having sex, or at least masturbating. Exclusively using our body parts for sex or masturbation is undoubtedly enjoyable, but may get boring after a while. Fortunately for our horny selves, there are thousands, if not tens of thousands of sex toys for us to spice up our masturbatory or one-on-one sexual intercourse sessions.

Because there are so many adult toys to chose from, beginners and experts alike need help choosing from the many sex toys out there. Here’s some advice to selecting which Joujou to spice up your sex life with. Enjoy — it definitely won’t be hard… Whoops, bad pun.

Consider what the sex toys are used for

There are many “normal” and fetish sexual interests out there, ranging from using a dildo while masturbating to using a cat-o-nine-tails to flog your lover’s backside. To select from the virtually infinite sex toys available on today’s market, think about or discuss with your partner(s) what new experiences might be of interest.

For those thinking about penetration, consider purchasing a dildo, phallic vibrator, or anal beads; sexual deviants interested in bondage may consider visiting an adult-themed leather store or searching online for cowhide that fits you and your partner’s curves well; and so on.

Be willing to try new things

Discovering new sexual experiences that you may enjoy is a rewarding part of human sexuality. It’s absolutely OK to never consider scat, pain, and underage relationships. However, gear your sexual mind towards anything appropriate for sex, whether it be a straight man considering anal play or a lesbian woman wanting to be dominated by leather-bearing bears. If a willing sexual partner is shopping for adult toys with you, set limits and then be open to anything and everything outside of those limits. Trust me, you’ll thank me later!

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Shop in reputable, clean stores that never accept returns

Many companies, businesses, and stores accept returns, especially online. Offering returns and refunds can serve as a competitive advantage for any type of business. However, sex toys should never be accepted for returns, even if they appear to be unopened and in pristine condition, for obvious reasons. Shopping in a reputable traditional or online sex shop is ideal for maximizing the potential pleasure you and your partner — if you have one — will garner from experimenting with brand-new sex toys and the experiences that follow.

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